The ToxAware® Cloud System is a web-based platform designed for poisons experts to record, manage, and analyze poisoning cases seamlessly from any device or location.

Fast and Complete

ToxAware® Cloud System includes All the World Health Organization's suggested data and much more, with full support for America's National Poison Data Set (NPDS).

Flexible and Expandable

ToxAware® Cloud System features List based configuration providing a system that can grow and change as your operations do. Your specific needs are supported by plug-in options.

Public or Private Cloud

Love Azure? So do we, but your organization may require local servers. ToxAware® Cloud System offers a local cloud providing the secure on-site implementation, including all the same features on your Intranet.

Secure Cloud Based

Designed with multiple layers of security, ToxAware® Cloud System is enhanced by cloud redundancy and continuous monitoring keeps you doing the critical tasks and focusing on the patient.

Custom Development

Complicated Implementation rules? Sharing Data with Other organisations? Special Grant requirements? ToxAware Software can build a solution for your existing systems or with ToxAware® Cloud System.


Reports are central to managing your centres and ToxAware® Cloud System keeps you up to date with reports by age, gender, location, substance, outcome and many more measures with custom report options. Legacy report importing available.

Data Migration

Keep your existing data can be imported into ToxAware with no data loss, as if it was originally created in ToxAware® Cloud System. Auditing your data during import provides increased quality and consistency for research.

Information Queries

You get lots of questions, and ToxAware® Cloud System includes Information Queries, detailed actionable cases for all of your non-exposure calls. Custom Call Type and Sub-Type make Queries effective for impromptu data collection for studies.

Data Validation

Validating data is valid and meets reporting requirements is built into ToxAware® Cloud System. Require certain data before closing, or just warn that the value is unlikely improves case reporting before closing cases.

ToxAware® Cloud Solution is the most advanced and user-friendly solution for poison centres. Our software is designed to streamline operations, improve patient care, and reduce the risk of errors. With a range of powerful features and a simple, intuitive interface, ToxAware® is the best choice for poison centres looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

My Cases
My Cases

Find all the open cases you created in any centre in an adjustable grid that remembers your last preferences.

Query cases for non-Exposures
Query cases for non-Exposures

Queries are not the same as Exposures and can be used for Questions, Studies, Surveys, or any special data collection.