A Cloud or private data center Web based Case Management System for Poisons Centers

Why did we build ToxAware? 

While visiting Poison Centres in other countries, a lack of quality, dependable and supported management software was found to be a widespread issue. After building and supporting PCC software for FL/GA Consortium in the USA for over 15 years, we have built a better system for the rest of the world. It’s a secure, simple, and appealing system to make the process more efficient while collecting better quality. We are introducing a software system that has been designed for Poison Control Centres, with minimal setup, and modern to meet our ever-advancing world’s needs.

 ToxAware® is a web-based software system, designed for Poison Control Centres (PCC). This allows you to connect from home and any place on earth if you have access to a modern internet browser. When your internet connection is not available, ToxAware can create new cases offline and synchronize automatically once the connection is re-established.

About us

Our team includes David Rose, owner, who has developed and maintained a Poison Center Software built for the FL/GA Consortium. It is in use in 14 Poison Centers in 10 states, with more awaiting installation. We have channeled our experience into ToxAware®, designed for growth, using a modern architecture without the hassles required for client server-based software.