ToxAware® offers either a cloud-based or a private Web based Case Management System for Poisons Centers.

Why did we build ToxAware? 

While visiting Poison Centres in other countries, a lack of quality, dependable and supported management software was found to be a widespread issue. After building and supporting PCC software for FL/GA Consortium in the USA for 20 years, we have built a better system for the rest of the world. It’s a secure, simple, and appealing system to make the process more efficient while collecting more accurate data. We are introducing a modern, web-based software system that has been designed for Poison Control Centres with minimal setup to meet our ever-advancing world’s needs.

 ToxAware® allows you to connect from home and any place on earth if you have access to a modern internet browser. When your internet connection is not available, ToxAware® can create new cases offline and synchronize automatically once the connection is re-established.

About us

Our team boasts David Rose, the developer and maintainer of Poison Center Software created for the American Florida Georgia Consortium. This software is actively utilized by 14 Poison Centers across 10 states. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have channeled our expertise into the development of ToxAware®, designed for scalability and equipped with a modern architecture, eliminating the complexities associated with client-server-based software.