Custom Development

Each Center has their own unique ways they like things done. It is our goal to have the best product available to meet your needs.

Data sharing with Parent, Government organisation and Corporate Organisations

  • The ToxAware platform allows for such a need to be easily implemented.
  • Centre specific reports for certain governing bodies, community organisations and corporate infrastructure can be custom built.
  • High security of Patient data.

Interface with external data sources such as:

Custom Reports can be built for your needs

  • Government Reporting Requirements
  • Performance Metrics
  • Funding from various institutions is an integral part in the smooth operation of many PCC’s. Businesses and corporations use the collected data in order to research, improve products and improve safety for packaging.
  • Reports are available for revealing and exploring trends, poisonings, outbreaks and consumer product defects.
  • Research for public health, medical and safety organisations require custom reports.
  • Study drugs, drug studies, abuse of drugs, and the list goes on for the benefits of using the ToxAware platform.

It’s all about keeping people safe and aware.

Secure data sharing