Development roadmap for ToxAware Enhancements:

Compliance and Reporting

Data Integration and Search

  • Provide support for Micromedex POISINDEX, TOXINZS using a public API.
  • Address completion for Caller and Patient
  • Super Search – New optional module for ToxAware that provides a search for any field and any value. Searches can be saved and reused.

User Interface and Customization

  • Home page will be a customizable Dashboard that can be customized and saved per user.
  • Dashboard – New optional module for ToxAware, provides live data as counts, lists, charts, and maps. Create, save, and share dashboards.

Additional Features

  • Provide optional timestamped Therapies, Effects and Treatments.
  • Timeline reporting – Case reporting as a timeline.
  • Incident Tracking – new optional module for ToxAware that provides a tracking of patients involved in an Incident.
  • Lab Test Traffic Light indicators – New optional module to use the patient’s information to provide traffic lighting to lab test values. A method of representing the status of data
  • Duplicate patient/caller check – New optional module to Check for caller and patient duplicate in another case.
  • Phone System integration – Optional module: API to communicate with phone system – Capture data into case and link to recording(s).
  • External Authentication – Optional API to provide authentication via a 3rd party system such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and Active Directory.

New Products

  • Toxicovigilance – New standalone system that provides monitoring of toxic effects of a product, substance or pollution for the purposes of carrying out warning, prevention, training, and information actions.
  • My Substances – New Standalone system providing a complete Substance database system with common substance details to include on selected substances.